Wannes Verschueren

Director, KPMG Advisory

Wannes is a Director at KPMG Advisory and co-responsible for the public sector management consulting practice. He has over 10 years experience in consulting projects at both private and public sector; since more than a year he’s focusing with a KPMG team on the opportunities of blockchain for their clients, approaching these from a non-technical/non-IT point of view, i.e. what does it mean for the business.



What is the potential of Blockchain? Why should we embrace this new paradigm?

If we learned one thing from the recent history of internet, it’s that seemingly esoteric decisions about software architecture can reveal profound global forces once the technology moves to mass adoption. And the story seems to repeat, starting in 2008, when we embarked for a journey arosing from an obscure -yet simple- set of existing technologies enabling person-to-person payments, to the most promising use cases, supposed to change some of the most fundamentals layers of our societies, including the guarantee of a truly digital identity for everyone and the creation of perfectly autonomous organizations aiming at solving key societal issues. The goal of our talk is to understand every steps of this journey which slowly emerges before us and eventually decide: is blockchain actually another smart database, or one of those advances in software architecture that will prove, in the long run, to have historic significance.




15:30 – 16:00